When it comes to gardening there are more do’s and don’ts than most people realize. It’s because people don’t realize these points they end up making sometimes careless and sometimes easy to avoid mistakes.

Do: Maintenance
Maintenance is like the life blood for any good garden. As such the more regularly garden maintenance is done the more likely you are to have a perfect garden. Maintenance ensures that the garden has what is needed to flourish and that it is kept under control. A garden can easily try to take over everything if not properly maintained. Regular maintenance will also help keep the unwanted creepy crawlies out of your garden.

Do: Constant Upkeep
Constant upkeep is the key to keeping a garden looking neat and pretty and not like a jungle. Tasks like lawn mowing Tathra and trimming will help to make sure that the garden is well under control and not running itself. A proper garden upkeep will also ensure that the garden maintenance cost is kept down as there is less regular work to do. Up keeping can sometimes be a tiresome and hard work. Therefore if it’s not possible to be done individually, then it is better to hire help to address this.

Don’t: Overdo or Underdo
Overdoing here covers giving the plant too much of what it needs. As surprising as it maybe, there is such a thing as too much water or sunlight for plants. This is because plants are adapted to surviving in certain living conditions. Therefore to introduce them to too much or too little of something will make it difficult for them to survive. Most common outcomes of this is that the plant dies or they don’t flower or fruit as they normally would.

Don’t: Plant Poisonous Plants
While some plants are beautiful, make sure never to plan those that are poisonous or give out poisonouschemicals. Even if you are the only person to enjoy the beauty of these plants, a poisonous plant is a accident waiting to happen. If you have children or pets around, these plants can be a death sentence for them. Therefore it is vital that you pay close attention to what plants you are buying and make sure that what you buy is safe for you and everyone around you.These simple do’s and don’ts will make sure that you have a garden that you can be proud to own and call your own. You will also, in effect make sure that your garden manages to achieve the objectives of a garden, a place to reconnect with nature. Most importantly, your garden is not a health hazard to you or anyone else who comes into your garden.