Some Names In Basketball…

Tall, dark, muscular and superbly active is the definition of a basketball player, two net holes at a height of 10 feet are their target. Boulders like shoulders and aesthetic fitness are two prominent features in a basketball player’s body, don’t agree watch the game dude! Let’s discuss some amazing names in the legacy of basketball. 

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: surprisingly, leading hitter in NBA (National Basketball Association) history is  the 10th player. Awarded six times as the most valuable player, broke his own record for example 19 time MBA all-Star, 15 time All –NBA selection and 11 time NBA defensive team mate. Tremendously awarded as one among top 50 players of basketball jerseys in Australia. Worth mentioning fact is Kareem Abdul was selected purely of trial and merit, before he was selected by Jerry Norman (the assistant coach of UCLA) he won 71 consecutive basketball games. 

Tim Duncan:  a retired person who pursued basketball player. 5 times NBA champion, twice won NBA MVP and 3 times NBA finals MVP and All-Star Game MVP. He started his journey with swimming and after ninth grade started to show his basketball playing skills. After graduation this legend earned NBA Rookie of the year honors and got selected by San Antonio in 1997 NBA Draft. 

 Shaquille O’Neal: he was born in 1972 currently working as a spots analyst on a TV show this giant considered as the most favorate and greatest player in the history of NBA, in a short span of time he quickly reached to the position where he was one of the best centre in the league, won Rookie of the year in 93 and lead his team for 95 NBA finals. 

Larry Bird former coach and former player presently working a president of Indiana Pacers in NBA, he used to play for Boston Celtics. Due to his athleticism and quick reflexes he was honored as the greatest basketball player and great shooters of all time. He was a member of USNT and awarded with a gold medal in 92 summer Olympics. In addition to all this he was the only one in NBA to be named as regular season MVP, finals MVP and Coach of the year. 

Michael Jordan, basketball is not basketball without mentioning this name in the discussion MJ just by watching him playing basketball, so many people have decided to join basketball, not only this he is still considered as the most inspiring basket baller. Bobby Knight was his coach in 84 Olympics and make a clear statement about him that Michael Jordan is the best player to train. The most memorable statement of Westfall after getting beaten by MJ; Westfall was asked if he could stop MJ, his reply was “ MJ can only be stopped if his heart is ripped off” with red face he left the podium without even answering the next questions. basketball-jersey