Are Scrap Cars Of Any Use?

Scrap cars are the ones which are too much damaged to be used again. If your car has become this much damaged that you have to put a great deal of the amount to get it back on the road and neither can you cell it because no one will buy it in this situation then there is the time when you turn your car to scrap metal buyers Perth. There is a complete industry for this job which is knowns as the vehicle recycling. The job of this industry is to dismantle or scrape the entire car and extract those parts of the cars which are still useable and can be sell and fixed in other cars.

Many times, when the people undergo some severe accidents then the car is not usually left in the condition where it could be used again. Therefore, the vehicle dismantling industries removes the parts which are still functioning if any and then the cars is pushed through the car crusher which crushes the car and flattens it out. This is how the cars take less space and are easily transferable to be used as the steel to the steel mills.

You may be wondering that there will not be many cars to shred because you may not have seen the car going to the end of the life in your life but this is not true. Every year, in the USA there are 12 to 15 million cars which are given up for scraping because these cannot be used anymore. This number is only limited to the US and the number will even be much greater throughout the globe. When the metals of the cars are given to the steel mills, they recycle it and use these but apart from the metals there are glass and other materials as well. The materials which can be recycled again are give to the respective industries but there is even such material in the car which cannot be recycled then these are left in a space called the landfill and these leftover materials from the scrap car are called residual materials.

The 75 percent of car material can still be used and recycled even when the car is too damaged. Only 25 percent of the entire car goes to the residue. However, the process of scraping a car is not as easy as it sounds. There are many parts of the car and each part is made from different material and in order to separate this material and send it to its right industry a lot effort is required.